Saturday, December 1, 2012


The Yankees have locked up Mo for one more year, they have locked up Andy Petitte and Kuroda for another year. The Yankees starting pitching looks set for 2013. CC, Kuroda, Phil Hughes, Petitte and the fifth will be a combo of Nova and Phelps. This can all get turned around when Michael Pineda comes back in the middle of the season, if he can still actually have the stuff that was promised.

The problem that the Yankees have right now is who is going to catch them. Russell Martin left for the Pirates which leaves last year's back-up Chris Stewart, Francisco Cirvelli and Austin Romine. Cirvelli spent most of last year in the minors but he has the most experience with the Yankees. He is a fan favorite but is he an everyday starter? Austin Romine is coming off an injury and does not have a lot of major league at bats and Stewart is a back-up, case closed. I say use Cervelli and have Romine learn the ropes behind him. The Yankees have a 20 year old catcher, Gary Sanchez, in the minors who is rated as a top prospect. Use what you can until this kid is ready because the free agent market is bleak for catching. Even if the Yankees would sign a Piersynski, he would be asking too much for too long.

Stay the course because Cervelli can handle the staff and Romine can fill in. Romine might end up being the catcher that he was tauted as being, only time will tell. Let's not make another mistake by giving away a young catcher like Jesus Montero for damaged goods. If that trade was not made, the Yankees would be in the same spot except they would have a decent catcher.

I am still waiting for that trade to get rid of the albatross known as Rodriquez.

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