Sunday, December 25, 2011


It is nice to have a new computer, enough said.

After the last few weeks and especially after yesterday's Jets - Giants game, you have to fire Schottenheimer. He has taken a team that has all the talent in the world on the offensive side of the ball and he has turned it into a complete train wreck.

An offensive coordinator needs to evaluate his talent and develop a system that will fit. Schottenheimer has tried so hard to fit a square peg in a round hole way too many times. Sanchez is that square peg. He is a good quarterback when the running game is taking the lead but Sanchez cannot throw 50 times a game. That is a recipe for disaster. Sanchez only looks comfortable when his running game is rolling.

Schottenheimer has one of the best O-Lines in the game for the run. He has a good running back in Greene and a great back up in LT. He has a powerful blocking back in John Conner and he still thinks that the Jets need to lead with the pass. Everyone in the league knows what Schottenheimer is doing and he still comes out and tries to be Air Schott, but he is more like Air Schitt.

Schottenheimer cannot change on the fly, Schottenheimer panics when things go sideways and Schottenheimer is fooling no one with his formations. Here are two examples. The Jets have 4th and 2 and they are going for it. Schottenheimer calls a shotgun formation that basically is telling the world you are passing. The play begins and instead of trying for 3 yards, the primary receiver goes 15 yards down field and is overthrown. Lucky for Schottenheimer the Giants take a penalty. Second example, late in the game, Jets deep in their own end, Schottenheimer calls a drop back pass formation. Not bad if the Giants weren't crashing in all game but they were and you take a safety. Really!!!

Sanchez looked awful this year but Schottenheimer made him look worse. The Jets need an offensive coordinator who will recognize the teams strengths and weaknesses and then devise a system for that.

The Jets are team that can be very good but their lack of discipline and not being able to take care of the football will kill the best of teams. Their defense was good this year but once Leonard went down again, the Jets could basically cancel Christmas. (See Poole being steamrolled.)

Mr. Johnson, now that your playoff hopes have all been extinguished, you need to take a hard look at who is directing this team and make the appropriate changes. Remember, it's not personal, it's business.