Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yesterday in the European Under 21 Championships, Thiago Alcantara scored a hat trick in Spain's 4-2 victory over Italy. This is one of the reasons that Barca needs to re-sign Alcantara and not allow him to sign with Manchester United of the Premier League.

Alcantara only made 15 starts last year for Barca. He is competing with Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez for a spot at center midfield. Alcantara is an important piece to the future Barca team.

Alcantara has shown that he can dictate play at center, he can distribute the ball, he's a great tackler and he is fast enough to get past a defender. He has also shown that he has the ability to score. If Barca re-signs Alcantara they will be getting a quality midfielder like Cesc Fabregas or Frank Lampard.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Donnie Baseball is returning to Yankee Stadium for the first time since he left the club as a coach in 2007. Today he is returning as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that has not visited the Stadium since the 1981 World Series.

Mattingly was one of my favorite Yankees so what I am about to write is not because I don't like Mattingly but an eerie coincidence that can only happen to a Mush. In my mind Mattingly is a Mush.

Let's go down the road to Mushness. In 1981, the Yankees lost to the Dodgers in the World Series. In 1982 Don Mattingly was called up to the Majors and stayed until 1995. During that time span, the Yankees did not go to the World Series, the longest draught in Yankee history. Mattingly retired in 1995 and in 1996 the Yankees go on a run of World Series.

In 2004, Joe Torre hires the Mush to become a coach. Remember the Yankees were in the 2003 World Series against the Marlins and the Mush was nowhere near that team. The Mush stays until 2007 and leaves to join Torre in Los Angeles. During the Mush's stint as a coach, the Yankees don't go to the World Series. Miraculously, the Yankees appear in the World Series in 2009 and once again, the Mush was not on the team.

We have all noticed that the Dodgers are in last place and that they are playing some bad baseball. They had such high aspirations going into this season. The owners have spent money for players, they have the best starting pitcher in Kershaw, they made some good trades and now with Puig, this team should be rolling but what the owners have not looked at is the Mush. In order for their ship to sail in the right direction, the Mush must go!!!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Alain Vigneault is expected to be announced as the new coach of the New York Rangers. This is good for the Rangers anemic offense.

Vigneault had seven successful years behind the bench of the Vancouver Canucks. He lead them to two Presidents Trophies and a Stanley Cup Finals. His coaching style stresses offense and puck possession. He is an easy going guy who takes his player's mistakes in stride.

He has proven that he can adapt as a coach. Vigneault played a trapping style when he was with the Canadiens. Vigneault fits a style to his players and not the other way around. That is completely refreshing to see in a coach.

The Rangers are built around King Henrik. Vigneault has Rick Nash and the untapped scoring potential of Ryan McDonough, Dan Girardi and the rest of the Rangers defense. Vigneault took the Sedin twins and made them better players and he took the Canucks defenseman and made them scorers.

Maybe now with Vigneault behind the bench, Carl Hagelin won't "stink" on the power play as Torterella pointed out to Rangers fans.