Monday, June 17, 2013


Alain Vigneault is expected to be announced as the new coach of the New York Rangers. This is good for the Rangers anemic offense.

Vigneault had seven successful years behind the bench of the Vancouver Canucks. He lead them to two Presidents Trophies and a Stanley Cup Finals. His coaching style stresses offense and puck possession. He is an easy going guy who takes his player's mistakes in stride.

He has proven that he can adapt as a coach. Vigneault played a trapping style when he was with the Canadiens. Vigneault fits a style to his players and not the other way around. That is completely refreshing to see in a coach.

The Rangers are built around King Henrik. Vigneault has Rick Nash and the untapped scoring potential of Ryan McDonough, Dan Girardi and the rest of the Rangers defense. Vigneault took the Sedin twins and made them better players and he took the Canucks defenseman and made them scorers.

Maybe now with Vigneault behind the bench, Carl Hagelin won't "stink" on the power play as Torterella pointed out to Rangers fans.

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