Tuesday, December 4, 2012


David Beckham arrived six years ago and what will be remembered of his time in Los Angeles is the four championships he helped the Galaxy win. The other night Beckham helped the Galaxy rally to a 3-1 victory over the Houston Dynamo in the MLS final.

A friend of mine has season seats to the Galaxy. The seats are extremely close to the field and right at one of the corners. I was fortunate to have used these seats and watching Beckham play was incredible.  While Messi is a jazz musician in how he works the field, Beckham is more of a painter. He takes his time and when he sees his opening he is able to place the ball on a dime. Sitting at the corner, I was able to watch Beckham set up the corner kick and basically place it within inches of a Galaxy players boot.  When that movie was called Bend It Like Beckham, I was able to see why. The curve that he would put on the soccer ball was phenomenal. He was another talented athlete that I was lucky to see play live.

Beckham announced that Saturday nights match would be his last match in the MLS. He said that he intends remain involved in American soccer. He might even become part owner of a franchise.

Besides Beckham leaving the Galaxy, Landon Donovan might call it quits.  Donovan is the league's biggest American star. If he leaves, it will mark the end of a six year era for the Galaxy.

Congratulations go to the Los Angeles Galaxy for winning again.

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