Friday, December 7, 2012


I have been a strong supporter of Mark Sanchez through this year's roller coaster ride with the Jets.  Sanchez was sabotaged by the New York Jets unintentionally and the way he has declined as a quarterback is the residual effects of that sabotaging. The Jets coddled Sanchez for three years and then the organization doesn't give Sanchez the personnel to play around him. Sanchez, Tannenbaum and Ryan each get a third of the blame for this season. The Jets hired Tony Sporano as offensive coordinator, brought in Tim Tebow and replaced Plaxico Burress with Stephen Hill. This was bound to happen. Mark Sanchez is not good for this organization anymore and he needs to go to another team to continue his carer. He is not a bad quarterback but his staying with the Jets will make Sanchez a footnote in NFL history.

Rex Ryan is going to go with Sanchez again this Sunday. Sanchez needs to sit and calculate his exit strategy. Every time Mark Sanchez goes under center in a Jets uniform, is another layer stripped away from the promising career Mark Sanchez had and possibly can have with another team.  McElroy is not the answer to the QB problem in New York but it is a better situation all the way around for all interested parties right now.

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