Saturday, December 22, 2012


With speculation brewing this past week with who should be traded, who should be released, who should be hired and who should be fired, no one saw this one coming.

The only bright spot in this awful season was the aggressive play by the defensive unit and now their leader, Mike Petine has told the Jets, thanks but no thanks. Petine turned down a contract extension and will now go peddle his wares someplace else.

Let's recap. The Jets will have two vacancies to fill immediately. A defensive coordinator and a special teams coach. The retirement of Westhoff is going to be another gaping hole to fill. The two bright spots for the Jets over the last few years are becoming dim with the vacancies of two outstanding coaches. Hopefully these two vacancies will not detract from another glaring problem, the rest of the team.

If Woody Johnson would like to send me an e-mail, I can offer him a group of guys, including myself, to come as a package for his next coaching staff and front office. We would come cheaper than you think and you would be surprised at the results. Come on Mr. Johnson, could it get any worse? But on the flip side, think of the feel good story it would make by hiring a group of unknowns to take the Jets to their first Super Bowl in 34 years!!!

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