Thursday, December 27, 2012


Well that didn't take long. The Nets decided after their 3-10 run in December, that Avery Johnson was not their guy. Johnson was getting complaints from Deron Williams about his system. Johnson even changed his system to try and get the team back on track but that didn't work either. He started off as the Coach of the Month in November but that didn't last. Johnson has compiled a 60-116 record with the Nets for the last two and a half years. P.J. Carlesimo will be the interim coach.

There are a number of coaches who are unemployed right now. Stan Van Gundy, who is a really good coach, is one of them. And then there is the Zen Master, Phil Jackson. I can definitely see Jackson taking the Nets job for one reason and one reason only, just to piss off the Knicks. He was a thorn in the Knicks side during his Chicago days and now he could walk back into the city as the Head Coach for a  team in Brooklyn and not Manhattan.

Interesting what will play out here in the next few weeks.

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