Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tis the season to be ridiculous.

The Jets have some major problems and a glaring one is under center. The newspapers have reported that Tim Tebow and the Jets have decided to part ways after the season. That is a good move for both parties. The newspapers have also reported that Mark Sanchez would be shopped around. That is a good move for Sanchez' career but I doubt the Jets will get anything for him which will make Sanchez a possible back-up for the Jets. These sound like all good sound decisions but remember the Jets are a three ring circus. What is lurking in the third ring? The Jets are thinking of picking up Michael Vick when the Eagles release him!!!! Are you joking me?

The Jets are going to get rid of Tebow only to try to pick up an older, former great, version of Tebow?  Sources have said that Vick is interested in coming to the Jets if Sanchez is gone. This now becomes a lesson in financial responsibility for the Jets as well as not keeping the circus in town.

If they try to get rid of Sanchez they will have to eat a large portion of his salary and get nothing in return. No team is going to give the Jets any value for a veteran back-up quarterback. The Jets are better off trying to salvage Sanchez' career, even as a back-up, than just giving him away and still having to put out a large sum of money.

I think the financial aspect of Sanchez' departure is pretty straight forward and an owner would have to have his head examined to keep throwing good money after bad money.

By picking up Vick would only prolong the circus for another year. Vick's dogfighting days are behind him but by him coming to the largest media market, you know these issues will be dug up again. They were distracted by the Tebow experiment for an entire year, are they going to just keep up the distractions with another player?

Here is a mantra Woody Johnson must repeat to himself over and over again,

"If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it."

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