Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I have seen many Jets seasons but this season takes the cake.

The Jets were a team that played pretty good defense but their offense was non-existent. Their offense appeared to be lost on every play. They couldn't catch any balls thrown at them, they would throw up interceptions way too many times, their offensive line looked disinterested and they couldn't even do the most basic thing, substituting, without looking like an 8 year old Pop Warner team.

The defense did it's fair share of keeping the Jets in the game but when the offense is always going three and out, the defense gets a little frustrated and tired.

The chaos starts at the top and trickles down. The team needs a good cleaning in the off-season. Woody Johnson has got to take this team and give it an enema. There are a number of things that need to get done but due to the money owed number 6 next year, the Jets will have to keep him. Woody Johnson needs to get rid of Tannenbaum and replace him with a better football mind. He needs to get rid of Rex Ryan because he has proved in the last two years that he has no clue about how to operate on the offensive side, keep him as your defensive coordinator if he wants it. While Woody is cleaning up, Sporano needs to go wait in the car because he doesn't appear to know anything about calling an offensive game. Perfect example of this incompetence is the inserting of Tebow on a drive because the coaches wanted to get him a series. Drives are all about rhythm, timing and getting into a flow. By removing Sanchez just to put Tebow in, did way too much damage. Sometimes you just have to go with feel and not what is written down on a piece of paper. The offensive play calling was completely robotic this year and without any common sense.

Johnson needs to get a complement of coaches that are all like minded in their willingness to buy into one system. The head coach needs to come up with a game plan. A game plan that will be a blueprint for years to come and then start to fill in the pieces. It might take a few years but when you look at all the successful teams, the constant game plan is there year after year.

It's not an easy task but it can be done.

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