Friday, November 30, 2012


The next time the Nets and the Celtics meet will be on Christmas Day in the Barclay Center. Are we looking at a new Boston rivalry? Are we looking at a change in the balance of the Atlantic Division? The season is young but why not hope for a Christmas miracle.

After Wednesday's game, Rajon Rondo was given a two game suspension for his involvement in the brawl, that he started. Kevin Garnett, who flopped his way into igniting the already hot-headed Rondo into retaliating, placed the blame on Kris Humphries. Gerald Wallace was fined but wasn't suspended.

Garnett seems to think Humphries "is always extra". Garnett explains that he thinks that Humphries plays out of control. He said that Humphries is trying to hold up the whole Brooklyn mentality. If these are not words to start a rivalry and some friction, I will continue.

Jason Terry basically called Humphries soft. Terry went on to say that when he played with Humphries in Dallas, Humphries pretended to be tough. He was told that Doc Rivers called his Celtics team soft and Terry stated, "Humphries might as well play with us if that's the case." We just had the friction and now let's throw the match on.

Boom, instant grudge!!!

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