Tuesday, November 27, 2012


After the Thanksgiving Day debacle, there are a lot of things that were good for the Jets in the scheme of things.

This is not something that you can put a band-aid on. The Jets are just a bad team. If the Jets were eeking out a 9-7 record and backing into the play-offs the Jets would be justifying the usual if this would of happened or that would of happened. They would of brought up Revis and Holmes missing. They would of brought up the fact that next year those players would be healthy and that the Jets record would be better. Thanksgiving has probably shown us the Jets reality.

The people that assembled the talent for this year's team has done a bad job. The team needs to be broken down and built up all over again by someone else. The personnel that the Jets have in the front office are just not cutting it. The mess that was Thanksgiving Day had to make that clear. It basically humiliated the owner and something will be done. Sometimes an owner needs to be prodded into action and if Sanchez' head hitting Moore's butt wasn't prodding enough, than this owner just doesn't care.

Their most significant offensive player can't catch. Stephen Hill just can't catch. Maybe he needs glasses but the guy just can't catch. He is the Jets' most dangerous and only offensive weapon and he can't catch. He is one of the reasons Sanchez has such a low percentage of completions because his number 1 receiver just can't catch. Jeremy Kurley is a good number 3 receiver but the Jets have to use him as a number 1 because Stephen Hill just can't catch. The running game is horrific and the offensive line is well below average. The quarterback situation is a complete catastrophe and possibly the worst in the league. The quarterback situation was caused by the addition of Tebow and the shenanigans that have followed Sanchez and Tebow all year. They are just a complete mess.

They fired Schottenheimer, which I thought was a good move, and they hired Sporano. So far Sporano looks like a complete blithering idiot running the offense. Who is responsible for having a quarterback that you believe in, that you traded up in the draft and have him regress, year after year after year. I place that blame on Tannenbaum.  Woody Johnson needs to go out and find a Bill Polian type guy and have him sit down and reconfigure this mess. Tannenbaum just isn't cutting it in the world of pro football and player operations.

If the Jets lose their next game, this will be the first time since 1996 that they have had two back to back losing seasons. They have not had two consecutive seasons with less than 9 wins. They also have had three losses this year by 21 points or more, first time since 1962. That record is worse than what Rich Kotite did as the coach. What I am getting at is that Rex Ryan has to share some of the blame by coaching a team to do something that Rich Kotite did not do.

This has become such a mess that Fireman Ed left the game early and is done with the franchise.

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