Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Yankees showed why they are a complete softball team last night. They beat the White Sox 18-7. The Yankees line-up can definitely hit, even without Alex "Texas Hold 'Em" Rodriguez. To add to their softball mystique, AJ Burnett could not make it out of the fifth inning. He looked awful.

There are two pitchers that are fighting for a spot in the rotation. You might as well make that three. I know that I have said that AJ Burnett has been a bad luck pitcher and has had his moments but these one inning meltdowns are killing the team. How do you get a 12 run lead and have to be removed and not get a win? This is not play-off baseball, this has turned into recreational softball. The Yankees resemble a baseball team on only one day. That day is called Sabathia.

Let's really make this entertaining. Why not call up Kei Igawa from the minors. The Yankees signed him to a 5 year, 46 million contract. He is on his last year of his contract and has only pitched in 16 major league games. He has been pitching for the Trenton Thunder for at least three years. Bring him up and audition him before he goes back to Japan. Why not? He couldn't be anymore of a question mark than the cast of characters they are sending to the mound right now.

Even Alex Rodriguez would not try to bluff with a hand like this.

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