Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night was yet another joke and anyone who thinks that the Yankees are World Series bound are delusional. The Yankees do not have the pitching to compete in a seven game series, let alone a short five game series.

AJ Burnett is like a boxer who comes out strong. He throws a few jabs and lands a few solid rights but once he is countered, he becomes lost. AJ Burnett had that one inning again. Abreau connected with a counterpunch and AJ became wobbly. He then walked Trumbo, got a long fly out from Wells and then another brain surgeon, Girardi, has AJ walk Itzuris. When AJ is wobbly the last thing you want to do is put anyone on base. Since he walked Itzuris, he might as well walk Bourjos. Then, Jeff Mathis, the only other person who is batting a little above the Adam Dunn line, gets a double off of AJ. Can you believe that Girardi still wants to keep him in the rotation.

AJ has not won in August since 2008 and he has not won since June. He looks great one inning and the next he looks awful. He has been a very expensive .500 pitcher. He is great in the clubhouse and throws a great pie in the face but he is the guy you can't trust in a short playoff series.

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