Thursday, August 11, 2011


We need to chip in and get Joe Paterno his own bubble. He needs better protection out there. This past incident on Sunday is not an isolated incident.

On Sunday, Paterno was run over by a player during a drill. Paterno was watching another drill when he got blindsided. Paterno suffered a hairline fracture to his pelvis. That is dangerous for an 84 year old. He conducted his coaches meeting by phone on Monday.

In 2008, he suffered a hip injury in a pre-season practice. He was demonstrating an onside kick and down he went. Who is protecting this guy?

In 2006, he suffered a broken leg and damaged knee ligaments when a player ran him over during a game at Wisconsin. Who is protecting this guy?

We protect Presidents, Vice Presidents, First Ladies and senators and congressman. We protect actors and we protect buildings. I ask this question, "When are we going to protect this national treasure called Joe Paterno?"

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