Sunday, August 7, 2011


And now Major League Baseball wants to investigate Alex Rodriquez for a poker game. I don't side with ARod on a lot of things but this is just ridiculous.

Major League Baseball is stating that they have already warned Alex about these poker games. They don't like the fact that he is in some high stakes games and that the people that attend them are not up to major league standards. MLB has tried to get some of the big time actors to snitch on Alex Rodriquez. The actors will not talk and Major League Baseball does not have subpoena power. Does Major League Baseball think that these poker games are going to ruin baseball?

This is like my company telling me that I can't go to the racetrack. It's legal and yes, there are some shady characters that hangout at the track. I am a big boy and I think I can make my own decision on whether I want to hang with those people. I think ARod is allowed to play in these high stakes poker games because of one reason, they are legal. If there are shady characters, I would hope that he would make the right decisions. Now if he screwed up and made the wrong decision then we have something to talk about.

Right now MLB has bigger issues to deal with than a legal poker game and if you are just like me, you just don't care what MLB thinks.

I was watching the beginning of the Yankees/Red Sox game and Curt Schilling was in the booth and I noticed something. Doesn't Schilling look like Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Just a thought.

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