Friday, August 26, 2011


All season I have been comparing the 2011 Yankees to a recreational softball team and last night their three grand slams proved my point. Not taking away from a record breaking feat but I am talking about the big picture and that big picture is winning the World Series.

Let's review the differences between a baseball team and a softball team.

A baseball team usually has an ace and three other starters who can keep a team in a game, a softball team has a guy who can pitch the ball somewhere near the plate and someone is going to swing. Remember the old softball adage, "You paid your forty dollars, swing the bat!!"

Let's compare this to the 2011 Yankees. You have an ace in Sabathia and then you have to hold your breath when every other starter takes the mound. Last night, Hughes got the ball and he turned into the softball pitcher that he is. He lasted 2.2 innings, gave up 6 runs and 7 hits. When he exited, the Yankees were down 6-1. Let the softball game begin.

Another difference between a baseball team and a softball team: The baseball team that goes on to win with 22 runs usually will give up 1 or 2 runs. A softball team will score 22 runs and give up 9. Everyone is so excited about a 22-9 win but did anyone notice that the A's scored 9 runs. If that doesn't bother anyone in the Yankees dugout, then they are nuts.

The Yankees were down 7-2 and Cano hit the first of three grand slams in the fifth inning and then with the Yankees down 7-6 Russell Martin hit the second grand slam to make the score 10-7. Meanwhile with the Yankees putting runs on the board, they allowed the A's to still score 2 more runs.

The record breaking grand slam came off the bat of Granderson in the eighth inning. Perfect for a guy that has been hitting homer after homer this year.

I was approached the other day by someone at work and they asked me, "Why do you say the Yankees pitching staff is awful but they have the third best ERA in the American League?" My answer is simple, it is a long season and every team gets it's fair share of games against other teams that are not that good. The Yankees feast off of teams that also have softball pitchers and they score against these teams. When you put the Yankees up against a team that has a good pitching staff, the Yankees have to fight for everything. Don't get me wrong but the Yankees have a powerful line-up but it's pitching that wins World Series. I told this person that the Yankees chances are slim to none in a short series. You have one ace, Sabathia, and he has to win against the other teams ace. If the Yankees lose, 1-0, who you are you gonna pitch for game 2? Exactly, I couldn't think of an answer either.

And onto the last comparison of baseball teams and softball teams. A baseball team has position players and utility players. Everyone has a job and the manager plugs the right person in. A softball team has 10 guys, who if need be, can play any position. How many times have you heard this, "Hey, Fanuchy, I know you don't play short but I need you there today, Fineberg has a harpsichord lesson. Just get in front of it and knock it down. Don't worry we will score more runs than you make errors."

Yesterday the Yankees decided to make Posada, Fineberg. They put him at second base for the final innings. This isn't a championship Major League Baseball team but a championship caliber softball team.

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