Friday, August 5, 2011


Did you know that after Friday's night game,  the Red Sox are leading the Yankees 96-95 in head to head games, including play-offs, in the last ten years.

And here it is, August, and the Yankees are tied for first place with the Red Sox going into Friday nights game. Hows that for a rivalry? The Yankees had already lost 7 of 8 games to the Red Sox this season.

The Yankees sent Christmas Miracle to the mound and the Red Sox were starting Jon Lester on Friday. As the game rolled on, Lester was in complete command through five innings. It appeared that his 2-0 lead was going to be enough of a cushion.

At one point Colon topped the radar gun at 97 MPH but the Red Sox were making him earn his money. Colon got himself into a jam in the fifth. He loaded the bases and with two outs and after 94 pitches, Girardi pulled him. The next batter was Adrian Gonzalez and Girardi brought in his only lefty Boone Logan to face the possible American League MVP. Logan struck him out with three pitches to keep the game close.

The Yankees were able to take a 3-2 lead on a run scored by Derek Jeter. This run moved Jeter past Honus Wagner for 21st place on the all-time runs list.

The bullpen is the Yankees forte and they held the one run lead. They went with Logan, Soriano, Robertson and then Mo.

Tomorrow Sabathia goes against Lackey and on Sunday Freddy Garcia is up against Josh Beckett.  Let's see how this part of the rotation looks against the competition. They pulled one off with two more to go.

And how could we go a month without hearing from Sean Avery. Can you believe that he shoved a Los Angeles Police Department Officer after they responded to his house in the Hollywood Hills to quiet down a party. Sean was eventually sent to the penalty box for more than two minutes. Word of advice Sean, pushing a police officer is not like pushing someone on the ice. There are no referees to save your behind, there is no third man-in penalty and no matter what, you are going directly to jail. Grow up Sean before the Rangers trade you to Siberia or the Islanders.

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