Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yesterday Phil Hughes pitched for his spot in the Yankees pitching rotation. He knows that all eyes are on him and then all eyes will turn to Ivan Nova come Thursday.

Hughes allowed no runs and three hits over 6 innings. At one point Hughes fastball topped out at 95.  He was more aggressive than in any of his past starts this year. It also helps that the Yankees scored 6 runs for him.

Hughes has been unable to throw his fastball with any command in his any of his starts this year. He had to go with his off speed stuff that just wasn't working due to the lack of zip on the fastball. Yesterday, his fastball had some zip, which made the rest of his pitches that much better.

Although Hughes has a better overall record through the years, Nova is having a more consistent 2011. In my opinion he is the favorite. The ball is now tossed to Nova for Thursday. If Nova wants the spot he has to pitch his way into it.

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