Monday, August 1, 2011


The last time the Yankees did not make a trade at the deadline was in 1998. They did not make a move to strengthen their bench nor did they make a move to strengthen their starting rotation.

Brian Cashman has decided that the make shift pitching staff will do them just fine. With the way Sabathia is pitching, it is easy to overlook some of the shortcomings of the rest of the staff. Sabathia earned his 16th win yesterday in a 3-2 win over the White Sox. Sabathia didn't look great but he just knows how to win.

The Yankees have a six man rotation and that will not last long. The spot that is open is a fight between Hughes and Nova. Hughes will pitch tomorrow night for his audition. Ivan Nova goes Thursday for his audition. I know that Hughes had 18 wins last year but that was last year, this year he has had arm problems. Nova is young but he seems to pitch well when he takes the mound. The Yankees don't have many options and the only thing they can do is start the five pitchers that are doing the best. Too bad the Yankees can't start CC every night.

This is what the Yankees have decided to do and so be it. They are going to have to trust a youngster and two pitchers from the scrap heap. If they can give the Yankees 5 good innings then the bullpen can take over and they have a chance. We'll see, we definitely will see how this turns out.

As we take a look across the river, we see that once Nnamdi-mania had ended, the Jets still had their eyes set on going after a cornerback. Getting a bookend cornerback to pair with Revis was of the utmost importance. See a weakness and address it. The Jets went after Cromartie hard and they ended up signing him for four years. See a weakness and address it.

You can't win a Super Bowl without an outstanding defense and you can't win a World Series without pitching. Cashman has been dealt a hand that is playable but beatable and he has just gone all in and he hopes no one calls his bluff.

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