Monday, August 22, 2011


Some may think that the addition of Plaxico Buress is a gamble. I think the addition of Plaxico Burress only makes the Jets passing game that much stronger. Any defensive coordinator will now have to figure out how to cover Buress and Holmes. You can't double team one and single coverage the other, just won't work. If you slide the safeties over in a zone formation, Dustin Kellar will kill you in the in-between zone.

With the receivers the Jets have, my cousin's son, Steven #9, could air it out too. Steven's football team got to play a scrimmage game at halftime of the Jets/Bengals game. How cool is that for a kid to be playing on the turf of the Meadowlands with the NY Jets watching.

And besides getting to play with the NY Jets watching, he got to meet Mark Sanchez (a little hard to see Steven) and also have Darrelle Revis walk right behind you.

This picture says it all as he walks off the field and Steven will remember this for the rest of his life.

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