Thursday, March 22, 2012


Who thought that the words Knicks and defense would be mentioned in the same sentence. I said here a week ago that Woodson will bring defense to the team. A concept that was lost on any D'Antoni team. The Knicks are trapping at half court, they front the ball, they block shots and cause turnovers. Defensive play brings pride, effort and intensity. This translates over to the offense and everyone plays as a team. Red Holzman won two NBA championships on the concept of defense.

Against the Sixers, the Knicks played defense and did not allow the Sixers to score for nearly six minutes. The Knicks only scored 19 points in the first quarter but they only allowed 11. On a night that Lin went 4 for 17, the Knicks still pulled out a win because of defense.

The Knicks defeated the Sixers last night but they are still 1 game ahead of the ninth place Bucks. The Knicks need to set their sights on the Sixers in the Atlantic because the winner of the division will avoid playing Miami or Chicago in the opening round of the play-offs. The Knicks are just three games behind the Sixers. The road to the top of the Atlantic is through defense and if the Knicks play defense their offense will be there.

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