Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Here we go again, the Jets are making headlines. This time they are making headlines for the acquisition of Tim Tebow. They can't just stop at that. About an hour after the trade there is a setback. It became, we have him, we don't have him to finally, we have him.  It's the Jets, do you think that they weren't going to dominate the headlines all day with this.

If the Jets don't have a controversy, they will make a controversy. I am still very unsure why they traded for Tebow after they signed Sanchez to a contract extension. I am not sure why the Broncos would mortgage their future for a 36 year old quarterback that might not be the quarterback of old and I am not sure how the Broncos gave up a quarterback with Tebow's skills for two draft picks.

I don't know any of those answers but I have a few theories.

First I really do believe that John Elway had a hidden agenda with this. Elway did not want Tebow starting last year. After the whole Tebow Time took America by storm, Elway was afraid that Tebow would supplant him as THE Broncos quarterback and he did not want that. He doesn't have a problem with Manning because he has made his carer in Indianapolis.

Now onto the big question, why would the Jets trade for Tebow after they have given Sanchez a contract extension? I have a one word answer, Sporano. He probably spoke to Rex Ryan and the powers to be and said that he could make the best wildcat team with the addition of Tebow. I bet he has thought it out, he can put Tebow under center and have Sanchez as a wideout or he can put Sanchez under center and Tebow in the backfield and run the option, he can run the wishbone with Sanchez under center and Tebow in any of the back positions. Sporano probably said, with the offensive line that we have, Tebow would be a perfect fit.  Sporano also might use Sanchez for the first three quarters and then bring Tebow in for the fourth quarter where Tebow excels. The Jets can have a starting pitcher and a closer.

They talk about Tebow bringing harmony to the Jets locker room but the controversy had already started before he was even a Jet. Cromartie let everyone know he did not want Tebow on the Jets. How is that for starting off on the right foot.  If you want to talk about a controversy, how about the quarterback controversy that the Jets have brought on themselves. Do you think that they are bringing Tebow in to be a backup? I don't think so. They will battle for the number one spot at quarterback but then again with Sporano, there might not be a number 1 quarterback. Sanchez and Tebow might be on the field at the same time.

Let it be known that I am not a big Tebow fan but I am interested in seeing how this plays out. Never a dull moment with the Jets.

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