Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The month of February had the Knicks going on a 8-1 run. Linsanity took over the Garden and everything was looking rosy. Carmelo Anthony had missed 7 games and with Lin on the floor and Carmelo Anthony sitting, the Knicks averaged 105 points per 100 possessions.  With Anthony back and playing on the court with Lin, the Knicks average is 97.9 points.

In the 8-1 run, the Knicks offense was firing on all cylinders. The offense was being run through Lin and the Knicks were putting up points. It appears that Anthony is not happy with the offense running through Lin. Anthony is not happy having to move without the ball. Anthony is scoring 16.3 points per game since his return. This is below his season average of 21.

Something needs to be done before this season goes from promising to not making the play-offs. If it was up to me, I would have Anthony decide if he wants to fit into this new system that seems to win or if he would care to play someplace else.

I have a feeling Anthony will make the Knicks make the wrong decision and we will all watch the Knicks circle the drain. February's 8-1 record will be nothing but an apparition.

Get rid of Anthony for more player's that fit the system and then get rid of D'Antoni for not having the cajones to tell Anthony that if he didn't like what the team has become in his absence than he is more than welcome to go find another team.

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  1. Him, and every other yahoo that doesn't understand the concept of team sports.