Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sunday was Easter and there was another resurrection. This time it was not for just the gentiles but it was for anyone who has been a parishioner in the Mecca of Basketball, Madison Square Garden.

The New York Knicks have been resurrected again!!!

Let's take a look at this gospel. I will call it, The Book of Dolan.

When the season began, the Knicks added Tyson Chandler to a team that already had two superstars in Carmelo Anthony and A'mare Stoudemire. The chemistry never developed and the Knicks were dead as doornails. Anthony got injured and Stoudemire had some family issues and it appeared that the Knicks were going to just mail it in.

Along comes Jeremy Lin and the team has it's first resurrection and everyone makes the Knicks, Jeremy Lin's team. Everyone is rejoicing and D'Antoni has been saved by the Harvard graduate.

Carmelo Anthony recovers from his injury and Stoudemire comes back and the chemistry is lost. The Knicks are slowly circling the drain and D'Antoni decides that he will not circle the drain with this team and he leaves. His second in command, Woodson, takes over the sinking ship.

Woodson performs a miracle and resurrects the Knicks once again. It is now Woodson's team. Anthony is playing well, Lin is playing well and Chandler is the productive center that any team needs. Life is perfect again until.....

Jeremy Lin goes down with an injury that puts him out for the season and Stoudemire is done with a bulging disc. The Knicks are now close to that drain again.

Easter Sunday brought the Chicago Bulls into the Garden and the Knicks are just a whisker in front of the Bucks for the last spot for the play-offs. The Knicks go out to a 21 point lead only to give that up. Every Knick fan is hearing that drain's sucking noise. Anthony and the Knicks don't give up and in OT, the Knicks win the game 100-99.  Out of all days to resurrect yourself, Easter Sunday!!!!

You wouldn't expect anything less from the New York Knicks.

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