Sunday, April 22, 2012


There is always that one team that another team just has a hard time beating and for the Rangers the Ottawa Senators are that team. The Senators had a winning record against the Blueshirts throughout the season.

Last night the Senators came away from the Garden with a 2-0 win and a 3-2 series lead. The sixth game is at Ottawa. Is there a need to worry or are we going to resurrect the ghost of Messier?

I say we are going to resurrect the ghost of Messier and here's why.

The Rangers have been missing the one piece of their puzzle for the last three games. Every Stanley Cup team has had this puzzle piece. He is not the star nor is he the proficient goal scorer. This puzzle piece is the guy that does everything well and raises the level of everyones game by just being on the ice.  This puzzle piece goes by the name of Carl Hagelin and tomorrow night he returns from his three game suspension. The Rangers with Hagelin are a complete team. We will be coming back to the Garden!!!!

While we are on the topic of Hagelin's suspension, I have to ask Mr. Shanahan, exactly what are you watching and how do you come up with your decisions.

Let's take Game 2 of this series for example. You have Matt Carkner who jumps Brian Boyle and in the process starts to pummel Boyle while he is lying on the ice. Boyle just laid there, taking one for the team but what he didn't count on was the referees not jumping in to break it up. While Boyle lied there and was taking punch after punch, Dubinsky decided to do the refs job and jumped in, grabbing Carkner from doing any further damage. The refs huddle and Carkner and Dubinsky get tossed from the game. The refs should look real close and interpret what the rule "third man in" means. On this occasion, the rule did not apply. Needless to say, the Rangers are without Dubinsky, a big piece for the Rangers and the Senators are without Carkner, a big piece of crap for the Senators. Later in this same game, Hagelin goes into the corner with the Senators' Daniel Alfredsson. Hagelin throws a clean check but while he does this, Alfredsson's stick comes up and Hagelin reacts with his hands coming up to protect himself. He accidentally elbows Alfredsson and Alfredsson suffers a concussion.

Shanahan watches all of this and decides that Carkner, who sucker punches Boyle and then pounds the tar out of him gets a slap on the wrist and Hagelin gets three games!!!! What the eff!!

Last night Brian Boyle took another cheap shot from the Senators' Chris Neil that ended up with Boyle suffering a concussion and out indefinitely. Rafi Torres of the Coyotes delivered the same type of hit on Chicago's Marion Hossa and Shanahan gave Torres 25 games. Let's see what Shanahan dishes out on this one.

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