Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The Knicks had 5 players with double figures and their bench scored 24 points. For any balanced basketball team that would equate to a check in the win column. But for the defenseless Knicks this became a check mark in the loss column.

The Bobcats came into Madison Square Garden having a very difficult time putting points on the board and tonight they put up 118. The Knicks looked decent in the first quarter and then the second quarter hit. The Knicks started standing around and watching the Bobcats put on a clinic. The Knicks refused to rebound and before you know it, they're down by 14 points. Once they got to this point of the game, the fans started to boo.

The Knicks have the talent to be a well balanced team. They need to put in a full effort on both sides of the ball. Right now there does not seem to be a full effort put out by everyone on the court. Tonight it looked like the Bobcats were the Harlem Globetrotters and the Knicks were the Washington Generals. All we needed to see was Paul Silas dump a bucket of confetti on D'Antoni, just to round things off.

Hats off to Iman Shumpert who played extremely well. He put up 18 points and played the game going north to south and at 100 miles an hour. When D'Antoni took Shumpert out in the third quarter, the Garden crowd chanted "We Want Shumpert". I would love to see him start but the Knicks need that shot in the arm with him coming off the bench.

Maybe D'Antoni can have a seance and call up the spirit of Red Holzman to scare the Knicks into playing some defense.

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