Monday, January 2, 2012


I think that the Jets not making the play-offs is going to be a blessing in disguise. There are definitely going to be some changes. I hope some of the changes are ones that I have said should of been made 2 years ago.

The biggest change that needs to be done right now is the vanquishing of Schottenheimer. This supposed offensive guru is one of the only holdovers from the Mangini era. I never really understood how he was held over from that vanilla offensive scheme. Can you believe he actually applied to be the head coach for the Jets but was beaten out by Ryan. Could you imagine how really bad they would be with Schottenheimer at the reins. Schottenheimer's ineptitude and the Jets huge dysfunctional organization was apparent yesterday late in the game. Santonio Holmes was sulking and got into an argument with Brandon Moore in the huddle during the fourth quarter. (Great way for a captain to act but that is another issue) Schottenheimer pulls Holmes but at no time does he notify Ryan of his actions. I am for pulling a player who has a bad attitude but you also have to keep everyone on the same sheet of music. Just like last week, Ryan wasn't even aware that the Jets were going to take to the air, like their name says, but they crashed like the Hindenburg. Besides all of the cockamamie offensive calls that Schottenheimer runs, Ryan needed to be informed of the game plan so he could have the first right of refusal. This dysfunction starts at the top and it trickles down to the players.

I am hearing rumors that if Schottenheimer is released they might try to sign Norv Turner. Why? Rex Ryan must have a thing for USC because Schottenheimer was a coach there, and you see where that got us. Sanchez was a QB there and USC probably does not teach color recognition due to Sanchez constantly throwing to the color that he isn't wearing. And now Turner, the man who has probably one of the most talented teams in the AFC and he has turned that into a circus.

The Sanchez Experiment is over!!! Sanchez is a good quarterback but you have to put him in a system that he is not the centerpiece. Allow him to hand the ball off, allow him to pass the ball on slant routes, screens and target his tight end but to have him drop back and try to make a good decision is disastrous. Sanchez has not matured as a professional quarterback. He still tries to make things happen instead of just taking the loss. Why are you going to toss the ball into the back of your lineman and risk a deflection for an interception, which is what happened. All I can say is Sanchez is what they have and they need to install a system that will allow Sanchez to be effective.

I really like Rex Ryan but there needs to be more discipline instilled on the team when they take the field. This has been the worst season in regards to penalties taken. Every good football team takes very few penalties and here is another reason that the Jets were not a good football team.

The Jets interceptions and fumbles were another example of an undisciplined team. This has to be addressed before next season.

Outside of the offense, there is a part of the game that needs to be addressed and that is the returner for the special teams. The Jets this year had a revolving door for their returners. The Jets need to find a return specialist. The need to find one that can handle the ball and also get some yardage after the catch. They were sorely missing this piece throughout the year.

One thing that the Jets definitely need to address is the health of Justin Leonard. When Leonard is healthy, the defense seems to play better. When he is out, the defensive backfield looks lost outside of Revis. Without Leonard, Cromartie's mental lapses are exposed because he doesn't have Leonard to make up for his buffoonery. Leonard also brings another linebacker type to runs up the middle. Don't know how they will fix this but Leonard is definitely a key to the offense.

All in all, the Jets have a tough road ahead in the off season but if the smart moves are made, the Jets should be fine come August.

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