Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Why does the UCLA football team always seem to get these dolts to coach them.  Every other varsity sport has top notch coaching. They hired Neuheisel and everything was in disarray. You had a head coach that was a quarterback in college and he couldn't teach Kevin Prince to be a quarterback. So, they fire Neuheisel because he couldn't win and they hire Mora. He has been on the job since breakfast and already he is doing things that make the Bruin faithful shake their heads.

Mora hires Sal Alosi as their strength and conditioning coach. You might remember Sal Alosi and his 10 seconds of fame on the NY Jets sidelines about a year ago. Alosi trips a Miami Dolphin who is running down the sidelines in punt coverage. He gets himself fined, then fired and never to be heard from again. Perfect. With all the hooey going on in sports, the last thing you need is a guy like this making headlines for you.

Since UCLA wants to be THE college football team of Los Angeles, they decide that they need to emulate the powerful USC Trojans. They need to cheat and who better to start the cheating off with but Sal Alosi, a cheater caught on television cheating.

Mora, you have not played a down yet, you are months from spring practice and already you are being questioned. What message does that send the athletes?  Are you sending a message that cheating is OK? Mora, I am already not liking what I see.

And from the team that brought you Sal Alosi.....

The New York Jets cut ties with Schottenheimer. They say he didn't want to come back. I say, who cares, he's gone. They have replaced him with Tony Sparano. This is meant to be that Tony Sparano sounds so much like Tony Soprano, and he will be standing in the Meadowlands, the home of Jimmy Hoffa and any other mob informant that went missing. Can you say fuhgedabouit!!!

Sparano, who brought back the Wildcat, is going to definitely tinker with the offense. That Miami Dolphin team that ran the Wildcat was anything but vanilla. Sparano can make it interesting but most important is that he will rely on his offensive line and his running backs to make the Jets offense productive. He is your perfect mastermind for the ground and pound.

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