Sunday, January 8, 2012


Jorge Posada is doing the right thing in retiring from the Yankees and not seeking employment elsewhere. In this day and age, it is rare to see any professional athlete complete his entire career with one team. With Posada's decision, he is one of those athletes.

We can all sit and wonder if Posada is a Hall of Fame catcher but the bottom line is this. He was on four World Championship teams, had five All-Star nominations and now he has played his entire career with one team. That one thing does not make a Hall of Famer but it sure makes you remember the catcher that he was and not the sparingly used DH for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Last year was not the most stellar for Posada but when the play-offs rolled around he batted .429 against Detroit. He had a six RBI game in August and got the Division Clinching RBI on September 21.

Only two catchers caught more games for the Yankees and that was Yogi and Bill Dickey, and he is one of only six catchers, Mike Piazza, Johnny Beach, Yogi Berra, Gary Carter and Carlton Fisk to have at least 20 home runs in eight seasons. Not bad for a guy that was never mentioned in the same sentence with the word steroid.

Posada will be sorely missed by the fans and also his teammates. Thanks for everything and.....

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