Monday, November 7, 2011


On Friday's card of the Breeder's Cup, I went 3 for 3. Not bad considering I was using a system that I developed and had not used it on a big race day. The test was going to be Saturday's card.

The first race on Saturday that I was interested in was the third race at the Breeder's Cup. This was the Grade 2 Marathon. My system picked Birdrun. Due to the odds that he was going off at, I played him to place. He pretty much stayed right near the front throughout the race and finished 2nd by a head. He paid $7.20 to place, not a bad way to start the morning.

I had two more betting interests in the 5th and the 7th race. In the fifth, my system picked the number 2 horse, Giant Ryan and he turned into a Giant Nothing. He finished 8th out of 9 horses. No problem, this was the first ticket that I did not cash in two days. I can live with it. The second betting interest in the 7th race was Irrefutable. Basically, if he ran any slower he would of come in first in the eighth race.

I am now wondering if the system has run it's course. I had to tell myself that everything is cyclic and just forget those two races. My next race was the 8th race and my system picked the number 1 horse, St. Nicholas Abbey from Ireland. This horse was being shipped all the way from Ireland just to run in this 3 million dollar race. Aidan O'Brien is the trainer and he was having his 18 year son, Joseph, ride this horse. Before I made my bet, I thought to myself, this is going to be amazing or the kid is going to freeze and the horse will do nothing.

They get loaded into the gate and when the gates open, St. Nicholas Abbey gets out to fourth place in this mile and half jaunt on the grass. O'Brien keeps the horse on the rail and within striking distance. When they started to come into the final turn, St. Nicholas Abbey went two wide from the rail. He was now behind a wall of horses. The kid better have some guts and get that horse to the outside and as they came spinning around the turn, O'Brien swings the horse five wide and St. Nicholas Abbey responds. He clears the field going away. Joseph O'Brien is now the youngest jockey ever to win a Breeder's Cup race. For his job well done, the horse paid $15.60 and $7.20. This was a nice ending to a real fun day watching and wagering on the Breeder's Cup.

The system took on the Breeder's Cup and it went 4 for 7. Not bad, maybe I should sell it on the Internet?

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