Thursday, November 24, 2011


The 49ers have started their brutal end of November beginning of December schedule. This is either a cruel joke or someone at the NCAA has lost their mind.

As of today, the Long Beach 49ers have a 3-1 record. On November 16th, they traveled to Pittsburgh and beat the #9 Pittsburgh team 86-76. Not bad since Pittsburgh has not lost to a non-conference team at home in 58 games. Go Beach!!! They then went to San Diego State on November 19th to take on the Aztecs. They ended up losing in OT. They then came back home on Tuesday night against Boise State and gained a win. Go Beach!!!

So far, so good. But, in a three week period, the 49ers will take on #1 North Carolina, #7 Louisville and #14 Kansas. All of these games are on the road. And to make their holidays just a bit brighter, the 49ers are traveling to the Diamond Head Classic on December 22 and they will be playing #12 Xavier. Wow.

If they can come out ahead on some of these road games, you have to put them in the Top 25. GO BEACH!!!

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