Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hollywood Park closed on Sunday and we say goodbye to the cast of characters at Hollywood. We say goodbye to Sandman, Mush, the Stooges and Coach Stu. I wonder where these guys go when Hollywood Park closes. Maybe I will ask them when Hollywood opens back up in September.

Del Mar opened yesterday and just like the last few summers on the poly track, the bombs were coming in.

As Sandman would say, there were no Stooge bets on the first six races.

The first race was won by Price who stalked the pace and paid $10.40. The second race, KIng Ledley also stalked the pace and paid $18.00. Going into the third race, Classy Lion stalked the pace and came three deep into the stretch and overcame the competition, his payout for first was $15.20. Not bad for the first three races of the meet.

The fifth race had Last Strike chasing the pace and came out in the stretch with some left hand urging and won by a head. He paid $23.80. The sixth race had Mentidoso sitting right next to one rival as they came into the stretch. Mentidoso went five wide and was urged on by Chantel Sutherland and won going away. For this effort, Mentidoso paid $38.40.

That is some serious numbers for the first day at a meet. But that is what Del Mar is all about. Del Mar is a streaky track and you have to be aware of the trends. Right now there is no early speed and it appears that the horses are coming off the pace. Hit it while it is hot because at any given time, the track bias can change, even in the middle of the day.

Try to make it down to Del Mar if you have never been. It is a beautiful track that sits right on the Pacific Ocean. This is the ultimate summer track but remember this meet only goes until September 9th. There are a total of 37 days of racing.

And as Bing Crosby said about Del Mar, "Where the surf meets the turf."

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