Tuesday, July 26, 2011


With both sides coming to an agreement, we will have football this year. All teams are now going to have to step it up in order to re-sign or sign free agents. The courting period for free agents basically boils down to a few days.

The Jets are in for a very hectic few days. The Jets need to make some decisions on what they need to do.

On the top of their to do list is wide receiver. The Jets have to make a decision on Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith. I really think that Brad Smith is gone. You can't spend a lot of money on a player that is rarely on the field. If he doesn't want a huge salary, he will stay but I doubt it. Santonio Holmes has made it known that he wants to test the free agent market. Edwards wants to stay in New York but he also has mentioned testing the market. The Jets need to make a decision and I feel the right decision is to go after Santonio Holmes. If the Jets fall short on the wide receivers, they might be looking at Randy Moss and/or Plaxico Buress. Rex Ryan seems not to mind these type of personalities.

The Jets have four players that are untouchable. They have long term contracts and rightfully so. These four are Darelle Revis, Nick Mangold, D'Brickashaw Ferguson and David Harris. I do see the Jets trying to reconfigure Harris' contract so they can open up some wiggle room.

The wiggle room that they need to open up is in the defensive backfield. Cromartie is going to want more money and probably more than the Jets are willing to pay for considering some of the blunders he pulled in the defensive backfield last year. With Justin Leonard not at 100 percent and Wilson not coming along as he should be, the Jets need to get a dependable corner. Revis will always go up against the other teams number one receiver but in order to make the defensive scheme work, they need to find a corner that will not be targeted for his weaknesses.

With the upcoming training camp just a minute away, these decisions need to be figured out in order for the Jets to become cohesive and try to get past the AFC Championship this year.

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