Saturday, July 2, 2011


For as long as I can remember, the NY Rangers have signed a bazillion free agents and only one worked out, thank you Mark Messier. Glen Sather, another in a long line of inept General Managers that roam the halls of Madison Square Garden, is notorious for signing over the hill free agents. He is also notorious for signing free agents that are past their prime. Wouldn't be bad if he didn't pay each and everyone of these guys a king's ransom but he does. Here is a list of some of the worthless free agents in recent years, Darius Kasparitis, Wade Redden, Scott Gomez, Chris Drury and the list goes on. I found this great video that satirizes the attempted signing of 31 year old Brad Richards.

Click on this link and it will take you to the video. This is from a blog called Down Goes Brown...good work guys.

The words for the above video and it is so right on.

"Ranger State of Mind" - the lyrics.

Yeah I'm outta Edmonton.
Now I'm down in Manhattan.
Trying to buy a winner
But so far I'm getting flattened.

Been a bust in New York
So far I've won zero
But I won Cups with the Oilers
Back when you were a ten year old

I used to shop for big names
Then the league put a salary cap into the new CBA
But I keep spending away

Probably overpay you
But I wouldn't worry
Can't be any worse
Than the deal I gave Chris Drury

Signed him and Scott Gomez
Majorly mistaken
Luckily I found a team
Dumb enough to take him

Don't listen to my scouts
Not sure what I'm getting
How else could you explain
39 million for Wade Redden

Now he's out in Hartford
Ex-home of the Whalers
But I kept handing out the cash
Like a drunken sailor

Now I hear you're UFA
Looking for a payday
Can tell by your attitude that you're most definitely headed for...
New York
Our GM will sure overpay you,
But the coach may not play you,
Now you're in New York
Veterans don't even need a tryout
But you might get a buyout
Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York
Catch me out at MSG
Watching all the practice drills,
Lighting my cigars
With a wad of hundred dollars bills

Thirty seven point five
Gave it all to Gaborik
Twenty-two goals last year
Plus he makes the coaches sick

Been doing this for years now
Holik and Kaspiritis
Millions on Brashear
Just so he couldn't fight us

Eight figures, muti-year, one way, with a no-trade,
The superstars get here and then they forget how to play,

Seven million cap hit
Pay you till your thirty nine
Finding that your grinding out your minutes
On the fourth line

Surround you with defencemen
Turnovers and giveaways
If Burkie's paying Dion
I'm paying Bryan McCabe,

Put it all on Henrik
Our fans know he can stop pucks
Our fans know we'll need good luck
And our fans still know that Potvin Sucks

Long live Messier,
long live Adam Graves,
Long live 54 years between our Cup parades in…
New York
Lots of time for hanging out downtown
Once we're out in the first round
When you're in New York

The media will make you shout "May Day!"
But you'll get your payday
Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York

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