Friday, July 29, 2011


Hideki Irabu, the extremely brief Yankee sensation, was found dead in his home in Rancho Palos Verdes yesterday. Irabu joined the Yankees in 1997 because he did not want to pitch for the Padres. Steinbrenner made a deal with the then Padres GM, Mr. Lucciano. Lucciano went on to become the Red Sox' GM and coined the phrase, "The Yankees are the Evil Empire." Irabu never became the sensation that he was touted to be and in an exhibition game, Streinbrenner referred to him as a fat toad. Irabu had a few run-ins with the law and the latest one was a drunk driving arrest in Gardena, California. Irabu was 42 when he died and supposedly it was a suicide. The autopsy will be today. Hey Magellen, wanna go, I can get us tickets.

The New England Patriots decide that they will now add a tent to their circus. With the signing of Haynesworth and Ochocinco, you have added two of the biggest clowns in football to your roster. Let me get this straight, Haynesworth had been complaining to the Redskins that he didn't like to play in a 3-4 defense. If you have not noticed, the Patriots have been playing a 3-4 defense for centuries. Ochocinco, the ultimate self promoting wide receiver, is now going to a team that lives by the word T E A M. Hey Belichek, good luck with all of that.  Hopefully they will distract you long enough and you forget about the Jets.

With Brad Smith departing for the Bills and Holmes signed, the receiving end for the Jets is OK, it would be great to re-sign Edwards but we have to be realistic. It is now time to take a look at Nnamdi. Revis and Nnamdi are friends and if they pair those two up at the corners, every team will have to re-think the passing attack. The Jets are in the hunt for him as well as the Texans. Stay tuned because by the end of today there might be a signing.

The trade deadline is looming and the Yankees have not mentioned nor have made any moves to improve the shaky pitching staff. Ubaldo Jimenez and Wandy Rodriguez are two names that are being thrown around. Wandy Rodriguez of the Astros has one thing the Yankees need and that is he is left-handed. The one thing the Yankees don't need is that he is 32. Not sure what that will accomplish in the long haul nor what that will accomplish this year. Ubaldo Jimenez is young but the asking price is steep. He has had one really good season and the rest have been quite average. I don't know but he reminds me of Jefff Weaver. Pass or play? 

And for Magellen, this next tidbit is for you.  I have never seen such a bad start for the BC Lions. They are off to a 0-5 start. Last night they lost to the first place Winnipeg Blue Bombers 25-20. Wally your defense needs to get better if you want to keep your job.

In closing, I want to wish my friend Doug a speedy recovery. Doug, you had us all scared the past few days. We are all thinking of you and get better soon.

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