Saturday, October 20, 2012


Everyone knows that I am not an A-Rod fan. Everyone knows that when they obtained A-Rod before the 2004 season, I said that they Yankees will not win a World Series with A-Rod on the team. They fooled me and won in 2009 but every other year it has been an A-Rod mush-fest.

If you look around the league many of the good teams are built around young talent. They have key veterans on the roster and a pitching staff that keeps you in ball games.

This was how the Yankees became the team of the late 90s and early 2000s. They built from within and then added the additional players that stepped up in October. Paul O'Neill, Scott Brosius, Luis Sojo, Aaron Boone and if you really want to go back, let's throw in Brian Doyle who replaced an injured Willie Randolph for the World Series.

The Yankees need to walk away from this last debacle and learn from it. As much as I like Swisher, his comments about being booed tells me that he is not a big game player (as well as his stats). Do not resign him.

There is a scene in the Bronx Tale when all the guys are playing craps in the basement and little C is on a roll with the dice. Sonny looks over and see Mush hanging around the game and Sonny screams to anyone who will listen, "Put Mush in the bathroom!!!" That is exactly what the Yankees need to do with A-Rod. Put him in the bathroom!!!! The Yankees need to work a trade for A-Rod, even if it means eating some salary. Get some young talent for him. Granted you might not get A list talent for A-Rod but you need to look a little further down the road. Trade for this talent and then put a trade together with some of the young talent with some veterans (Robinson Cano) for extremely good young talent.

Yes, I said Robinson Cano. Love the guy's talent, love what he brings to the Yankees but sometimes you have to give something up to get something else. He is a player that can get you talent that you need for the long haul. I hate to say this but he is a little like Alfonso Soriano, he has a tremendous season but when he is on the big stage he chokes. (Alfonso Soriano was one of the key players in the A-Rod deal, one choke artist for another)

Keep Jeter on a year to year basis. He was one of three players actually playing in the play-offs. Keep Ichiro because he just comes to play everyday. Keep Petitte for another year. Right now you need to keep arms available. We are all unsure if Pineda will ever be the pitcher the Yankees traded for.

If the trades can not be seen from management's stand point then you have to get rid of management. These are supposed to be baseball people and if they can't figure out who has the unproven talent then they need to be put in the bathroom too!!

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