Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It is pretty sad when you watch the Jets and at the end of another loss you can only say, "At least they didn't get blown out!" The Jets lost to the Texans last night 23-17 and their offense looked feeble. Thank you special teams for a touchdown!!

The Jets seem to be running a schoolyard offense. We will make it up as we go. They seemed to have every opportunity to win this game but Sanchez and the offense would come up short.

The Jets were trying everything and they know that they couldn't go toe to toe with the Texans. Why else will you go on 4th and 1 twice in your own territory? Why else would you throw in an onside kick (that they lost), after McKnight runs back a 100 yard return? They even allowed Tebow to throw the ball long only to see it bounce off the receiver's hands. And to add to your offensive mess, you have Cromartie lining up as a receiver.

Sanchez once again had an awful game. He went 14 for 31 with 230 yards. He added four tipped passes and 2 interceptions. He was also sacked three times. Sanchez is not the only offensive offensive player. His receivers couldn't catch, his lineman couldn't block and his running backs can't run.

Granted, the offense is missing Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller, Stephen Hill and John Conner. Nick Mangold is now hobbling on a bad ankle. Tony Sparano needs to sit down and devise a system that fits this offense. His goofy trick plays are fooling no one and he is wasting the talent he has. If things don't change, I am going to have to ask for Schottenheimer to come back.

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