Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It has become a common theme. With the game on the line in a play-off series and A-Rod at the plate, A-Rod chokes.

When is Girardi going to notice that A-Rod is not a number three hitter in the play-offs. Here are a few stats and you make your own decision. Outside of 2009, A-Rod has been horrible. Here are A-Rods batting averages for his play-off time with the Yankees.

2004 ALCS vs. Boston .258

2005 ALDS vs. Angels .133

2006 ALDS vs. Detroit .071

2007 ALDS vs. Cleveland .267

2010 ALDS vs. Minnesota .273

2010 ALCS vs. Texas .190

2011 ALDS vs. Detroit .111

And after last night's play-off game against the Orioles his batting average is .111.

Put Cano in the three spot and drop A-Rod to the bottom.

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