Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sparano must be off doing something else in the Jets offices because it sure appears that nothing has changed since last year's offensive outage. In fact it appears to be worse right now. Sparano was supposed to come in here and make some changes and make this exciting.

The offensive line that was once the cornerstone of the Jets offense has turned into a liability. D'Brickashaw Ferguson looks average at left tackle and Wayne Hunter is nothing but a turnstile. The only consistent piece is Mangold. In two preseason games, the Jets offensive line has allowed 12 sacks. How are the Jets going to go with a run first offense if the offensive line can't block.

Unless Sparano has some hidden agenda, the Jets will be in trouble. If there is no hidden agenda, I say you have to start Tebow because Tebow can run. With this offensive line breaking down more than a Jaguar, Tebow is the only answer. He is the only one of the Jets quarterbacks that can run for his life and not get killed. This offensive line will get Sanchez killed.

Since nobody knows where Tebow is going to play, why not teach him to play right guard. He couldn't be any worse than Hunter. Imagine all the tackle eligible plays the Jets could run with Tebow at right tackle.

If this is what is to come for the Jets, I am worried but they can look across the country and a bit north into Canada. The Jets could take a page out of the BC Lions playbook.

The defending Grey Cup Champs are putting points up on the board and their defense is playing lights out. The Lions are the west leading team at 5-2. Travis Lulay has thrown a touchdown in his last 18 games, tying him for the fourth longest streak in the CFL.

The Lions have scored 182 points in 7 games.  That is an average of 26 points a game.

Believe me, it is exciting to watch a team play aggressive, stingy defense and then have the offense take the field and put up points.

Sparano, Ryan and Mike Pettine look to the north and take a page out of their system, it might work.

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