Monday, August 27, 2012


The Jets offense is just horrible. I know it's the preseason but after three games of no touchdowns, you have to start to wonder what is wrong. A lot of the blame was being placed on the offensive line but I think that piece has been fixed this afternoon.

Wayne Hunter has been traded to the St. Louis Rams for Jason Smith. Over the weekend Austin Howard looked like an upgrade but I guess they think that Jason Smith will fit in. What is funny about this trade is the fact that Jason Smith was the Rams' Wayne Hunter. Whether it is Howard or Smith, it is going to be an improvement over Hunter.

Everyone is saying that the Jets don't have a running game and that Shonn Greene is not the answer. Greene will never be mistaken for Emmett Smith or Walter Payton but if you give this guy a block he will get you some yardage. It goes back to the O-Line.

What I am noticing is the fact that Rex Ryan is really not a head coach but a real good defensive coordinator. The Jets have a good defense but their offense is non-existent. Ryan sits and states that it is early and there is something around the corner. Unless he has some wazoo scheme this offense will be miserable. The last time a team did not score a touchdown in three preseason games was the Atlanta Falcons in 1977.

The quarterback situation is lunacy. Still don't understand why Tebow was brought in. This guy went 4 for 14 on Sunday. That is awful. Tebow can not throw. Sanchez has to control this team. There are way too many distractions right now with the whole Tebow/Sanchez thing.

This leads us to the receivers. The Jets need a complement to Santonio Holmes. A big strong body that is not afraid to go over the middle. Right now they don't have that. This will not fair well for this offense. The Jets should just sign T O. You may say I am nuts but here me out. If Dustin Kellar has another good year, this will take the pressure off the outside but in order to take the pressure off the outside you need two complimentary receivers. If you sign T O, you get this. What is the downside if you sign him? Nothing. You have nothing to lose.

The Jets went to the AFC Chmpionship game two out of the last three years. The difference with this football team and those teams is the word TEAM. They really don't look like a team, they really don't look cohesive. If they keep this up, I can see them going 1-4 in their first five games. The Jets are not the second best team in the AFC East, the Bills are. The Jets open against the Bills and I think they are an extremely underrated team. They also have an easy schedule than the Jets.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before the opening kickoff. There are some tough questions and some easy answers. The Jets just need to step back and address these things now.

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