Thursday, August 23, 2012


In one week's time, Major League Baseball has found another cheater. Bartolo Colon has followed Melky Cabrera on the suspended list for the rest of the season. Colon had tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone.

It seems that over the last week the conversation in baseball has not been about pennant races, it hasn't been about the wild card format but it has been about another player getting suspended for 50 games.

Bartolo Colon has used controversial practices to return to the league in the past. Colon sat out the 2010 season with elbow problems and he received stem-cell treatment in the Dominican. He was also working out with Angel Presinal, who was banned from baseball in 2001.

Major League Baseball's program for catching these cheaters is working but this is a double edged sword. Since MLB has caught players using performance enhancing drugs only means that it is still an integral part of the game.

In my opinion cheating is probably a bigger problem than what we know. MLB is a league of riches. Players are paid salaries that are larger than some country's gross national product. If these well paid baseball players want to cheat they can pay a shady chemist to find new drugs that MLB's good chemist can't identify.

This steroid issue is a soap opera. The return of Roger Clemons to the mound with the independent Sugar Land Skeeters definitely has a back story. Clemons is hoping that he gets a look from the awful Houston Astros. If he takes the mound for the Astros, his Hall of Fame clock is reset for five more years. This little move allows him to avoid being on this year's ballot with Bonds, Sosa and Piazza.

Welcome to chapter 2 of the steroid issue.

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