Thursday, July 5, 2012


Just like I said the other day, it doesn't take a Harvard MBA to realize that Jeremy Lin was going to agree to a handshake deal with the Rockets. He is being offered a four year deal. The first two years will be at 5 and 5.2 million respectively. The third year will be backloaded at 9.3 million. The fourth year will be a team option year. Since he is a restricted free agent, the Knicks can match the deal.

The Knicks have 3 days to match the deal and sources are saying that they will do whatever they can to make things work out. The Rockets also will do whatever they can to make the Lin thing happen. They are in desperate need for a point guard and are willing to wheel and deal. We will wait and see on that one. The Knicks have disappointed all of their fans so often we basically have battered wives syndrome.

In the surprise news of the day, Jason Kidd, who all but committed to Dallas, has changed his mind and wants to play in New York. Jason Kidd is a Hall of Fame basketball player but he is 39 years old and how much longer does he have. The Knicks need to concentrate on Lin and not a 39 year old. Don't get me wrong but the addition of Kidd would be huge for this team, but not if you don't have the youngsters to develop. The Knicks are notorious for these older player signings. Aren't the Knicks still paying Larry Johnson and Allen Houston?

The lose of Landry Fields will hurt but the lose of Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin will doubly hurt. And to add to the Knicks' tale of woes to continue, watch Jason Kidd decide to go back to Dallas.

Who can feel that carpet being tugged?

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