Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I thought it was March that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?

Maybe it is July. The Yankees started July off on a tear and then after the All-Star break they have come back down to earth. They finished the month of July with a .500 record. They are an older club with older bench players and these long humid summers in the Big Apple has caught up to them.

Right now you have a disabled list that is a who's who for the Yankees. Let's start with the pitching. Pineda has been down all year, Rivera has possibly shagged his last fly ball, Robertson is still feeling the effects of the strained oblique. Petitte is not expected back until September and Joba has just been reactivated. When you lose that many quality pitchers, you can only hope you can stay afloat. The Yankees have been floating with the likes of CC, Kuroda, Hughes, Nova and Garcia. Nova has been basically rotten over the last eight games and the bullpen has been giving up way too many leads.

If you look at the position players, Gardner has been gone for the season, Swisher's hip is balky, ARod has a broken hand and not expected back until September and now Tex has an injury. This team has been counting on Ibanez, Jones, Nix and Chavez. This is not a line-up that is going to win any championships. The addition of Ichiro is great but he is playing for the Mariners of the East with all these players out.

I am glad to see that the Yankees did not get nuts with any crazy trade. I look at it like this, injuries are part of the game and the Yankees have had their share this year. They need to go out and play one game at a time. There is still a lot of baseball left and by the time everyone comes back they hopefully will be still in a position to make it interesting.

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