Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The Knicks will not match the 25 million dollar offer sheet that Jeremy Lin signed with the Houston Rockets. The James Dolan owned Knicks have decided that they will start to become financially responsible and they are going to start with Jeremy Lin.

Dolan decided that Lin was not worth the money especially with the third year balloon payment. This was a balloon payment that Lin restructured with the Houston Rockets. Lin signed an offer sheet with the Houston Rockets that would pay him 9.8 million dollars in the third year. Woodson stated publicly that the Knicks would match that offer sheet and the next thing you know Lin goes and restructures his deal with the Rockets. The new deal will now pay Lin 14.9 million dollars in the third year. Dolan refused to pay that.

So, Dolan decided that after all his years of being completely financially irresponsible with useless, over the hill players, he was going to turn over a new leaf with Lin. He refuses to pay a young, exciting and fan favorite a king's ransom to stay in New York. Dolan did not see that Jeremy Lin was a bright spot last year, he didn't see that Lin put asses in seats and he sure didn't see that he made the Garden electric. I know that Lin has not established himself as a genuine star but he was the one guy that Knicks fans were happy about.

James Dolan never understood Linsanity and now the head nitwit has allowed Linsanity to leave the building.

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