Friday, June 29, 2012


It has been one of those seasons for the Yankees pitching staff.  All of them seem to have this knack of getting hurt. First you have Joba jumping on a trampoline that ended with a broken ankle, Mariano doing his best impression of a pitcher playing the outfield and ruining his knee for the season and possibly his career.  When these two went down, the pitching staff looked a little thin in the bullpen. Then without missing a beat, Robertson decided to hurt himself. This left Soriano as the closer.

Outside of the thin bullpen, the starting pitching was suspect. They even started the season with the loss of Michael Pineda to shoulder problems. Could they now pitch enough innings to avoid using the bullpen? They answered that question with a resounding yes. The starting pitching was on fire. They were pitching better than any team in the majors and they catapulted to the leagues best record and into first place. Things were looking good, for now.

In one day, the starting rotation was decimated by two. CC went down with a groin injury and Pettite went down with a fractured ankle after he was struck by a Casey Kotchman grounder. Boy these Yankees like to make it interesting. What I find interesting is that we are going to get a look at some AAA pitchers. Maybe one of them will be a diamond in the rough and he will come in to save the day. Tonight the Yankees are going to start 24 year old Adam Warren, a right hander and Freddy Garcia is being moved into the starting rotation. It is going to be an interesting summer for the Yankees pitching staff.

Who would of seen this one coming. Rafa Nadal exits Wimbledon with a loss to No 100 ranked Lukas Rosol in 5 sets. This was Nadal's quickest exit from a major tournament since 2005.

And then there is the soccer team from Italy. The way they played against England, it appeared that they were not going to be up to the task of defeating the Germans. The Germans appeared to be a well oiled machine. Mario Balotelli, the 21 year old striker for Italy, stepped up his game and scored two goals in the first half. This was good enough to carry the Italians past Germany and setting up a showdown with Spain in the Euro Cup Final.

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