Saturday, June 23, 2012


I went to Hollywood Park on Saturday for some racing, some wagering and as usual the antics of the characters. My buddy and I were the first to arrive and our block of seats were saved by one of the Hollywood Park workers. He knows all of these characters are showing and he doesn't want to miss the show.

Just as we get ourselves situated, Stu the Swim Coach shows. The three of us start talking about the day's card and what to expect. Saturday was not a Triple Crown day but you had the Mother Goose Stakes from Belmont and also the Hollywood Oaks at Hollywood.

I really wanted to get at it because the system that I developed has been on fire. Two weeks ago on Belmont Stakes day, I went three for three, with a bomb at 32-1 which paid $21.40. I had 20 dollars down on that horse, so the total payout was 214 dollars with a profit of 194 dollars. I left that day with a profit of 329 dollars. There is a reason why I wanted to get at it.

I was wondering if my buddy's luck was changing. On Belmont Stakes Day, he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. It was rough watching his luck go from bad to worse. On Belmont Stakes Day I asked him if he wants to try my system and he pretty much refused. My buddy is very set in his ways and he is very stubborn when it comes to any sort of change.  It is insane to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Every single system has it's run of good fortune. All of his systems have probably just run it's course. I hate to see a friend battling so hard when my system is hot. Believe me, it won't be hot forever, so you have to jump on it now.

Just as the first race from Belmont started, Sandman showed up. We had a Mush spotting and some of the Stooges slowly straggled in.

We all started very slow in terms of our wagers. There were not many plays early on. The track at Belmont was muddy which cut down the betting interests due to scratches. Arlington started up and still there were no plays, same with Woodbine and Churchill Downs. Then came that one race that was going to open the flood gates of winning and shenanigans.

The seventh race at Monmouth was a mile and a sixteenth turf race. My system came up with one horse, At The Disco, and he was going off at 8-1. I made my 20 dollar bet and then proceeded back to our seats. Stu the Swim Coach had just got back to our area with his lunch. Stu is a very nice guy but as Sandman would say, "He is an RA, a big RA." RA stands for Roots Against. Stu has no betting interest in my Monmouth Race and when the race goes off, my horse goes out to the front and stays there until the stretch. About halfway through the stretch, the number 1 horse, Don't Wait Too Long, comes a charging on the rail. Stu is now pulling for this horse. Don't Wait Too Long ends up winning and my horse finishes second. Stu who does not have a dime on this race would rather watch you lose than win. No biggie because my system had me betting the horse to place, so I won. Would of been bigger if he was first but hey, I cashed a ticket. It paid 7.40 for place and on a 20 dollar bet that's 74 dollars with a profit of 54 dollars.

Stu told me that I should of asked him about the Monmouth Race because he would of given me the number 1 horse. Thanks Stu. Sandman loves to give Stu a hard time because Stu makes the smallest of wagers and is always rooting against your horse. Stu is sitting there and he is showing his 10 cent superfecta that cost him a total of $1.80 and his 80 cent superfecta. Sandman gets nauseated by this. I don't have a problem with you wanting to bet small but if you know everyone is betting big don't root out loud for your horse that is going to give you a profit of 10 cents.

As the day went on, my buddy found a long shot at Woodbine in the eighth race. The horse, Drago's Best, was going off at 16-1. My system liked Excaper, the heavy favorite. I was not going to bet it because of the low odds. My buddy went on to tell me that Drago's Best has this and has that. Once again, it is insane to keep doing things the same way and expecting different results. I said to him, maybe you should go across the board on this horse and he said to me, "I would rather lose than bet a horse to show." Drago's Best showed and my buddy's skid is still ongoing. To add insult to injury, Excaper, nosed Drago's Best out for place.

Immediately after that race, the 7th race from Arlington went off. I had no betting interest but Stu had the number 4 horse, Dontbetelinme.  The race gets run and just as the horses come into the stretch,  Dontbetelinme, cuts off the number 1 horse. The race ends and Stu thinks he has won. To his chagrin, Dontbetelinme was disqualified. Stu is beside himself. Knowing Stu's betting habits, he probably made a two dollar bet on that horse.

Almost immediately, I have a race at Churchill Down and I am betting the number 7 horse, Delaunay. He comes out of the gate at 7-1. He runs a good race but while they are in the stretch there is some bumping going on. Stu, who is still hot, starts to scream DQ the 7 horse. We all look at Stu with disbelief. There is an inquiry and Stu keeps going, he is going to be DQed, he is going to be DQed. Everything stands and I collect another 70 dollars.

Stu is now wound up. He decides to make a comment to Sandman about Sandman actually rooting for the chalk in one race. Sandman who was already disgusted with Stu at this point says, "Look, when you want to make a profit, come talk to me, otherwise shut up."

I had one more race and that was the Mother Goose Stakes at Belmont. My system picked Disposablepleasure. It was going off at 10-1. My profit on that race was 59 dollars.

All in all not a bad day for wagering. I showed my buddy the statistics for how my system worked on all the race cards. I told him if you would of placed a 20 dollar bet on all the races that qualified, you would of had a total of 220 dollars in bets. You would of won 499 dollars and would of shown a profit of 279 dollars. For some reason he does not want to give it a try.

Everyone has always said that Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world.

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