Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This is exactly the type of hit that the NHL is concerned about. Nathan Horton was carrying the puck through center ice and before he got to the blueline he passed it. Aaron Rome is to Nathan's right, his blind side, and Rome takes a few strides and levels Horton. I don't care who you are rooting for, this was a dirty, uncalled for hit. Horton laid on the ice for awhile and it was concerning how hurt he was. Watch for yourself and correct me if I am wrong.

And now that the Yankees are at home, can Jeter reach 3,000. He is at 2986 hits. He has 10 games during this homestand and all he needs is 14 hits. It sure would be nice for him to reach 3,000 hits at the Stadium.

And a side note to Jeter's quest for 3, 000, is the fact that the Yankees open a 3 game home stand against the Red Sox. This series is going to be a little different now that the Red Sox boat has righted itself and they are playing baseball the way everyone expected them to. The Yankees and Red Sox playing for first place?! Say it ain't so.

Congratulations to Mark Jackson for being named coach of the Golden State Warriors. Wish you were being announced as the next Knicks coach, but hey, you are getting a shot. The person that saw his ability is none other than Jerry West, consulting for the Warriors. James Dolan would probably second guess and then fire West because Isiah said so.

And if you are afraid that there will be no football, the Canadian Football League opened training camp yesterday. I have become a big fan of the CFL, especially the BC Lions. It sure is entertaining, 3 downs, you can motion to the line, no fair catches and the field is huge. If you like football, sit and watch a CFL game, it is exciting as well as entertaining.

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