Saturday, June 4, 2011


After two years, Donnie Walsh is stepping down as GM for the New York Knicks.  He never had a chance. He was brought in and basically cleaned house. He got rid of the extra baggage in salary cap and paved the way for the LeBron James sweepstakes. The Knicks did not get LeBron but they ended up with Stoudemire and some pretty good pieces to a winning puzzle. The whole New York City area clamored for Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks ended up making a trade for Carmelo and everything was good, or was it?

I believe that Walsh is leaving the Knicks because the owner of the Knicks, the ever clueless, James Dolan, wants it that way. I will guarantee you that Dolan undermined Walsh's strategy in obtaining Carmelo. I bet Walsh had a plan and Dolan wanted to just pull the trigger on the move. In Dolan's infinite wisdom last year, he signed Isaiah Thomas to a contract as a consultant. Are you joking me? Thomas was the biggest moron ever to be on the Knicks payroll. He single handily made the Knicks into the biggest laughing stock. Good thing David Stern stepped in and said that Thomas had a conflict of interest because he is the coach of FIU. Walsh wanted to run the Knicks without any interference from the owner and Dolan was never going to sign off on that. I don't blame Walsh for leaving. It is hard working for an inept and meddling boss.

But this dark cloud has a silver lining. That silver lining is that maybe we can be rid of D'Antoni.  D'Antoni refuses to teach his team to play defense. His system will not cut it with this team. It is already apparent that his players don't respect him and that he does not get along with Billups. Maybe they will keep him around for another year and wait for Phil Jackson. I think that

they need to get rid of D'Antoni and forget about Phil Jackson and go after another Jackson. Mark. He should of got the job over D'Antoni and I bet he could teach this team to play some defense.

Donnie Walsh brought back a professional atmosphere to the circus that was called the New York Knicks. His ability to move them in the right direction in two years was great. It is too bad we lose so many basketball minds, Larry Brown and Lenny Wilkins but Dolan loves that Thomas guy. Why not let Allan Houston just take over as the GM. Hire Mark Jackson and tell James Dolan, "Go wait in the car."

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