Sunday, June 5, 2011


Let me start by saying this, the Angels have pretty much owned the Yankees over the last decade or so. There is no other team that has had such success against the Yankees. Hats off to your club. And that is where it ends.

I have been watching baseball games for a good number of years. I grew up with the Yankees and their announcers of Phil Rizzuto, Bill White and Frank Messer. They were entertaining, sure they were homers but never to the point that they were completely derogatory to the opposing team and or the city they were from. I sat through games of the ultimate rivalry, Yankees-Red Sox.

When I arrived out west, before the advent of 1 million channels, I learned that there was this announcer from the LA Dodgers, Vin Scully, who was just incredible. He is the epitome of class. He is a baseball announcer's announcer. There was never a cross word mentioned from Vin about the other team or the other team's city.

With the discovery of the satellite dish, I was able to watch Yankees broadcasts again and listen to their announcers. Never, even during a Red Sox game, did I hear the announcers spew such antagonistic words.

Because of MLB blackouts, I have to sit through Angels broadcasts when they play the Yankees. First it was Physioc and Hudler and now Gubicza and Rojas.

I watched the game on Friday and I guess because Gubicza and Rojas are so pathetic, they don't realize that everyone is listening to them, not just Angels fans. Yes, the Angels won on Friday and Weaver pitched very well and the Yankees couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat, but that is not what this is about. Gubicza and Rojas first decided to tell everyone that this is a great rivalry. What rivalry? You need to play more that three series against each other and you need to be in the same division for it to be a rivalry. If it is a rivalry, it is one sided. I'll give those two dopes credit if they can find a Yankee fan in New York that can name their line-up and any other pitcher besides Weaver. It is a rivalry when the opposing fans know who you are. The only reason New York fans know about Anaheim is because that is where Disneyland is.

Second point for the two dopes....act like you have won before. If I hear Angels announcer say one more time, this is a play-off atmosphere, I will vomit. Hey Angel announcer, you have one one World Series, repeat, one World Series and that was eight years ago. Stop acting like it is still 2003 and you are champs. Once again, Angel voices, act like you have been in a tight game before.

And here comes the classlessness. The Angels, like every team, has an inning where they give a trivia question. I know that the Angels trivia question usually has the answer, Rod Carew or Nolan Ryan in it, but Friday's trivia question was over the top. The trivia question was, "Why do you hate the Yankee?"  And here are the answers, "The City". Really?!!!  You are going to compare, Anaheim to New York City. Arte Moreno is so worried about the name Anaheim, he had to attach Los Angeles to it just so people will realize that Anaheim is near a metropolitan area. Questions like this, that come from the team, are the reasons going to a ballgame in southern California can be hazardous to your health. Shame on Moreno for allowing this type of crap to come out of the mouths of the announcers. The announcers all think that Yankee Stadium is filled with animals but at least no one has lost their life going to a Yankee game. Anaheim Stadium is ahead of the Yankees on fan deaths.  Answer number 2, "The brashness." Hey zips, you can be brash when you have won 27 titles. The Angels try to be brash but it is a bit hard with 1 title. Answer 3, "The money they spend." Yea, the Yankees spend money, no one is denying it, but Arte ain't exactly a miser. He brought in Vladimir, Bartolo Colon, Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreau, every team spends money, the Yankees just spend it on more marquee players. The Yankees are doing what baseball is allowing them to do. If you want them to stop, then put a cap on it. Moreno would never go for that because he loves when the Yankees come to town. There are asses in seats and Moreno gets paid, so don't give me the money issue. The last answer was, "The Titles."  OK, I can see people not liking the fact that they have so many titles. The Angels have been around for 50 years, they have 1 title. I don't even want to say how many titles the Yankees had in their first 50 years.

That trivia question was a classless move by a classless organization. The answer, "The City", was an afront to any New Yorker. For the Angels organization to allow this to be placed on the air was completely irresponsible. Grow up Angels organization and get rid of the holier than thou attitude. You need to win a few more titles before you can start strutting your stuff. Yea, the Angels have a winning record against the Yankees but the Yankees have a number that any team would want....27.


  1. "Why do you hate the Yankee?" Are you kidding me? Lame.

    You're right about Vin Scully. He's a class act and there will never be another like him. That's why it's so difficult to listen to other team's broadcasts after listening to Mr. Scully call a game. Even the other members of the Dodgers broadcast team sound like shit, Charlie Steiner, Rick Monday, Eric Collins and Steve Lyons(the worst of the bunch).

    The Angels and the Yankees don't have a rivalry. The Yanks and Sox are a rivalry. The Dodgers/Giants, that's a rivalry. I don't know what these guys are thinking.

  2. Well said! Being jealous may be the motivation behind such moronic statements or just being stupid seems like the most logical coming from such jackasses. I am a Mets fan first and most but I am still smart enough to know that the Yankees are the best franchise in professional sports bar none. When Mr. Steinbrener bought the team and decided that winning was all that mattered for the fans and spent money accordingly other teams fans became jelous and turned that into negativity towards the team. I wish the Mets spent like the Yankees to give the fans a winning tradition like the Yankees. As far as New York City goes, they wish they had what we have here. I could go on for days telling why NYC is 100 times better the Anaheim but I won't stoop to their level. While I always considered the Angels a decent team and will agree that they can be a thorn in the Yankees side sometimes they will never be a pimple on the Yankees ass when it comes to being a relevant franchise. Hell, the Mets have more titles too so another reason why NYC is the place to be.